5 Things to Help Maintain Your HVAC - Brown Mechanical of Portland, TN

Do you want to keep your new HVAC running in tip top shape for years to come? Like with many things in life you have to do some routine maintenance to ensure your system has a long lifespan. Without it you may be unknowing shorting your unit’s life span by years. Here are 5 simple things that need to be done to help maintain your HVAC system.


Clean Your Condenser

By simply cleaning your outside condenser fins you remove dirt, grass and other debris that maybe hindering the flow of air across the condenser. The start of spring and fall are two good times to clean your condenser.

Clear Vegetation from Condenser

Keeping vegetation and other debris away from your condenser is extremely important. Overgrown vegetation and block the air flow to your condenser.

Drainage Pipes

Always check the drainage pipes on your air conditioner unit. Blocked drainage pipes can lead to water damage although most all modern systems have a drain pan with a water cutoff switch.

Changing Filters

Inspect your indoor filters monthly and changing them as necessary. Most homes will need to change filters every 1 to 3 months. Maintaining clean filters are key to the longevity of your air conditioner unit.

Professional Inspection

Lastly, it’s recommended you have a professional HVAC service, such as Brown Mechanical inspect your system up to twice a year. Brown Mechanical offers spring and fall checkups in which we look for leaks and verify your condenser is clean. Included in our spring and fall checkups is the addition of refrigerant, if needed, to your system to maintain its efficiency.

Brown Mechanical of Portland, TN hopes these 5 simple tips help you maintain your air conditioning system for many years to come. If you have any heating or cooling needs please contact us